Presidio as a Service

February 01, 2018 by Sai Venkataraman

Cloud PR-02.jpgIn today’s blog post, I’m really excited to be talking about the just released, Presidio as a Service.  Our customers have been asking for it, and here it is!

One of the great things about Fortscale is the company’s continued commitment to innovation and leadership. As you may already know, with the company’s release of Presidio last February, Fortscale became the very first secure platform provider to offer an embeddable behavioral analytics product. Now, just a year later, with the release of Presidio as a Service, Fortscale is once again leading the industry with the first embeddable, cloud-based behavioral analytics service.

This new cloud-based offering enables security and IT vendors to quickly add advanced, risk-based, UEBA (User and Entity Behavioral Analytics) to their products and platforms. With Presidio as a Service, even more security developers and their customers can benefit from UEBA. Presidio as a Service makes behavioral analytics truly accessible—both to IT and Security vendors, making it easy to provide rich product features and cutting-edge security for customers of all sizes.

There’s no question in my mind that many organizations and their customers will dramatically benefit from this new Presidio capability.  It’s an easy way to give customers all the benefits of behavioral analytics, without requiring any up-front infrastructure investments or any costly, complex customization by professional services experts. With Presidio as a Service, our partners can efficiently use behavioral analytics to improve their ability to uncover risks and support more effective security and policy enforcement for their customers.

Using Presidio’s well-established APIs, IT and security vendors submit input logs directly to Presidio as a Service for analysis. The service sends the analytics and results back to the partner’s platform. The platform can either integrate Presidio’s results into their own dashboards and user interface, or they can leverage Presidio’s interface to present the results to customers.

The service doesn’t rely on rules or thresholds to identify anomalous behavior, so it’s very straightforward and simple to use. Fortscale’s proprietary big data and machine learning algorithms  quickly establish the correct context behind the behaviors of both users and entities. This means there is no tuning or costly customization associated with deploying these advanced analytics.

Presidio as a Service’s multi-tenant architecture allows providers of cloud security and on prem products and services, such as SIEMs, EDR/EPPs, DLPs, CASBs, IAMs, firewalls, to spin up and deliver an instance of the service for each of their end customers, in a matter of minutes.

Our customers have been asking for very flexible UEBA deployment capabilities—including both on premise and in the cloud. With the addition of Presidio as a Service, I’m pleased to say that we meet those needs.

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