Research Confirms Fortscale Approach to Make Security Operations More Efficient

November 03, 2017 by Rodolfo Melgoza

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ESG Research, an IT analyst, research, validation, and strategy firm, recently published Fortscale Presidio: Embedded Advanced Behavioral Analytics.

The report addresses security operation centers and why many are inefficient and ineffective. The report states that 72% of organizations believe that security analytics and operations are more difficult today than they were two years ago.


To help enterprises become more efficient and effective, the research concludes that organizations should “Look for solutions that unleash new capabilities with existing security products by adding native advanced behavioral analytics that can accelerate investigations and streamline operations.” This is exactly what Fortscale Presidio does by delivering embedded behavior analytics.

 Why Many Security Operation Centers are Inefficient

The ESG Research states that “while security workloads are increasing, organizations continue to rely on point tools, manual processes, and an under-skilled security staff. Given this sorry situation, adding some new security technology tool may only exacerbate existing operational challenges.”  The research shows a number of factors contribute to security operation center inefficiencies:

  • Evolving threat landscapes
  • New government and industry regulations
  • An increasing volume in security alerts
  • Gaps in security monitoring
  • Too many disconnected point tools
  • The global shortage in skilled cybersecurity professionals
  • A reliance on manual processes

It’s clear that given the above challenges, a more integrated and holistic approach is required. Organizations are struggling to keep up with increased security needs, but they lack efficient tools and human resources to do so.

Improving the Efficiency of Security Operation Centers 


The ESG research noted that organizations typically address increased security challenges by hiring more staff or adding new security analytics software.  However, this approach is no longer adequate. Organizations must take a more strategic and holistic approach toward cybersecurity operations improvement.  The research firm suggests that new strategies are needed that include:

  • Adding behavior analytics
  • Running automatic analytics on consistent data
  • Simple integration with existing security technologies
  • Focus on process automation

Cybersecurity analytics, and behavior analytics in particular, have been greatly enhanced during the last few years via new artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities. These new technologies monitor and evaluate user and entity behavior, define baseline usage patterns, and then detect anomalous behavior.  AI and machine learning offer tremendous assistance to help security analysts collect, curate, process, analyze, and operationalize massive amounts of security information to accelerate threat detection and remediation.

How Fortscale Presidio Helps

The ESG report specifically identifies Fortscale Presidio as a solution to help security operation centers become more efficient. It says “Presidio’s approach and architecture offers a simple, cost-effective, and applicable advanced security analytics solution. Presidio allows security professionals and IT vendors to integrate behavioral analytics in an efficient fashion, offering immediate value to the existing staff.”

As a built-in set of behavior analytic tools, Presidio monitors security alerts over time and applies statistical models to correlate and contextualize events. Through this process, Fortscale transforms security alerts into “smart” alerts that filter out noise and prioritize a correlated summary of real issues. 

 Get the full report: ESG Fortscale Presidio: Embedded Advanced Behavioral Analytics

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Rodolfo Melgoza

Rodolfo Melgoza is the Marketing Manager at Fortscale.


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